The Frank Soo Foundation is a company limited by guarantee in England & Wales (No: 10817386)

Company Registered Address:

10-12 Mulberry Green, Harlow, Essex, CM17 0ET

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The story of Frank Soo is not well known and up until the release of “The Wanderer - The Story of Frank Soo” by Susan Gardiner in 2016, not many people had even heard of him. We believe that his story is of paramount importance because, even to this day, there has not been a player of Chinese or East Asian descent to have ever played for the national football team.

The Frank Soo Foundation is a company limited by guarantee. We were registered on 14th June 2017. We are a Not for Profit Company. Our Registered address is: 10-12 Mulberry Green, Harlow, Essex, CM17 0ET. The registered company number is 10817386.

The Foundation’s objects are for the public benefit and in particular (but without limitation) members of the Chinese and East Asian Community, both in the UK and overseas, to:


  1. advance the public’s knowledge of the story and legacy of Frank Soo;

  2. promote community participation in healthy recreation in the sport of Football and other sports capable of improving health;

  3. advance young people in life through their involvement in football or other sport for the public’s benefit;

  4. to promote equality and diversity in football and society generally; and

  5. to further such other purposes as are charitable according to the laws of England and Wales for the benefit of the public as the Directors may decide from time to time.


We are Frank’s legacy. Our desire is to support the next generation of young footballers as they make their journey within the footballing world.

We believe that there is a large community of Chinese and East Asians and, within that, a large talent pool that has the capabilities to be one of the greats, like Frank. We hope to be able to support and guide them in their journey, via methods such as purchasing kits and other equipment. 


The History of The Frank Soo Foundation

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