The Frank Soo Foundation is a company limited by guarantee in England & Wales (No: 10817386)

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10-12 Mulberry Green, Harlow, Essex, CM17 0ET

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A large part of the donations that we receive is through company partnerships and donations. For example, at The Chinese Community Challenge Cup that we host every year, we work with local companies to cover the costs of running the event and provide the profits to the various charity partnerships that we have.


In return, we published company logos in all of the media before, during and after the Cup. We ensure that the company is visible and recognise them as “Official Sponsors” of the event. We believe in a mutual relationship between The Frank Soo Foundation and Corporate sponsors.


Please see below for some of the companies that have supported our cause of the years. Please also have a look at the photos and videos of our corporate promotion at the Chinese Community Challenge Cup.


If you or your company are interested in supporting us and becoming our partners, then please contact us via the button below!