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VICTOR MAN   文展強   

Director of The Frank Soo Foundation 董事

My name is Man Tsin Keung. At the age of 11, I followed my parents from Hong Kong to the United Kingdom. Throughout my academic journey, I have had a strong passion and enthusiasm for mathematics and sports. During my time in secondary school, I participated in summer courses for professional accountants, which further deepened my interest in the accounting industry. After graduating from Queen Mary College, University of London, I embarked on a decades-long career as a professional accountant, providing high-quality accounting services to fellow Chinese compatriots and individuals from diverse backgrounds.

During my years of study, I remained dedicated to pursuing my love for sports during my free time, particularly my keen interest in English football culture. I have a great fascination for the skills and teamwork spirit of world-class football athletes.

        我的名字叫文展強。在11歲時跟隨父母從香港來到英國。在求學的過程中,我對數學和體育充滿熱情和愛好。在中學時期我參加了職業會計師的暑期課程,從而加深了我對會計師行業的喜好。畢業於倫敦瑪麗皇后大學(Queen Mary College, University of London)後,我開啟了數十年的專業會計師工作之路,為華裔同胞和不同的族群人士和企業提供高品質的會計行業服務。



AI Synthesized News Anchor: 
“The Sino-UK Football Education Park” will be established in Guangdong.

Short message:

“The Sino-UK Football Education Park” will be established in Guangdong


Even after dedicating myself to professional work, I have not forgotten my passion for football. As someone who immigrated from Hong Kong to the UK at the age of 11 and became a professional of Chinese origin, I have always aspired for Chinese football culture education and industry development to become a significant force in the global football cultural landscape. I hope to leverage my professional expertise and combine it with my passion for football to make meaningful contributions in this regard.

A decade ago, I had the privilege of participating in the initiation of the “The SINO-U.K School Football Project" and contributed to its promotion. This project aims to drive the results of football education and cultural reform in the Greater China region, including mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau, while fostering collaboration and exchange with English football initiatives. It is an honor for me to be part of such a meaningful initiative.

As of 1st August 2020, I have been appointed as a member of The Frank Soo Foundation's board of directors. With this role, I am even more committed to exploring the integration of overseas Chinese and overseas Chinese youth in the UK and Europe, collaborating with foreign football culture and industry experts, as well as top coaches, for long-term development. Additionally, I am dedicated to promoting the integration and development of football exchange competitions among diverse ethnic youth in the local community. I eagerly anticipate achieving fulfilling accomplishments in this endeavour.


        十年前,我有幸參興在中國教育部與中山市體育局共同支持下由孫中山青少年基金會(UK)共同在國父孫中山先生的故鄉於 “中山紀念中學” 聯合承辦了“中英校園足球項目”的啟動,在推廣工作中方面提供了協助。該項目旨在為了推動大中華地區(包括中國大陸、台灣、香港和澳門)的足球教育文化深化改革出成果,同時與英格蘭足球推進交流與合作事務。我能夠參與其中深感榮幸。

         由此,我在2020年8月1日起已经授The Frank Soo Foundation 董事會推崇成為董事成員之一,我更應該日後加倍努力探索協助全體海外華裔和華僑青少年同胞共同携手英國和歐洲的外籍足球文化與產業研發的足球文化教學專家和頂級教練長遠共融發展的議題,並致力於促進本地不同國家的族群青少年之間足球交流比賽活動融合發展,我期待早日獲得令人喜悦的成就!

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