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Frank at the Victoria Ground, Stoke - 19


Frank's story is not well known and one of the Foundation's biggest aims is to promote his story. There will be hundreds of people that played and worked with, and were coached by Frank; these are the stories that we need to tell. 

Frank was born in 1914, so a lot of people his age or who played with him will, sadly, have passed on. We believe that there are untold stories out there but know that this may be limited in number or are not first hand accounts. 

The funding we receive will allow us to search far and wide for these stories as well as record them for future generations to hear.

Frank is an important figure as the first non-white person to play for the England national football team and is a role model for people of an Asian background as there have been no Asian player in the England national team since him. It is important future generations hear his story and have someone to look up to.

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