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"Like many children, my dream as a kid was to play football for England! There was always a barrier in Traditional Chinese and Asian culture where academic excellence was encouraged more. Times have changed with the second and third generation immigrants in the UK and I feel that we should be creating the space and perception that football, and others sports, is not only a viable vocation but also helps with health and well-being, as well as helping culturally and integration in society."


Alan has been a keen footballer all his life, playing in amateur leagues in the UK and abroad and has an FA Level 1 Coaching Badge. He is also a member of the London Chinese Community Centre Management Committee and is currently their Sports Committee Chairman. 


"I hope to use sports, in particular, football, to promote a sense of community and togetherness, not just in terms of Chinese or East Asian people but the United Kingdom as a whole and it is important that we do so, now more than ever.”


Chi has been an active volunteer of the Chinese Community Challenge Cup since it's inception in 2010 and has helped take photos, build the websites and other aspects of the Cup and now the Foundation. 


Robert has been a keen supporter of the Chinese Community Challenge Cup for many years both as a player and manager of teams that have entered the Cup.


Over the years he has been a valuable asset and has provided assistance on the administrative side of competitions.


"I am a strong supporter of grassroots football, fan involvement in football clubs and encouraging diversity in football at all levels."


Susan is a full-time writer who has written for a number of journals and football websites. Her fourth book was The Wanderer: the Story of Frank Soo. She is committed supporter of Ipswich Town and until recently was on the board of the Ipswich Town Supporters' Trust.To purchase Susan's book on Frank Soo, please click here.


Nelson was employed by Ta Kung Pao in Hong Kong as office assistant between 1980 and 1984. He has been engaged in the publishing trade since 1984 and co-published "China Imp. & EXP. ENTERPRISE" in cooperation with the Guangzhou Trade Fair in 1987. In 1988, he introduced China's import and export to international trade enterprises, cooperating with Chinese institutions. He also published “CHINA PURCHASE” to introduce production technology and production equipment from various countries to enter the Chinese market, which has helped transform and upgrade the productivity of Chinese enterprises’ products. In 1989, he moved to the U.K. from Hong Kong and in 1993, he was in cooperation with Chinese institutions in London and has opened up foreign economic cooperation between U.K and China by introducing the English version of "SINO-EUROPEAN BUSINESS REVIEW", which have inspired the economics and education of young generations. These reviews also helped open up the economic Open Door Policy of China for a number of institutions, such as economic department, university economic research centres, banks and the Far Eastern Economic Research Department of large companies in Great Britain and Europe. At the same time, he established a textile mill production factory in Guangdong Province, China and has established a product distribution centre in the UK for product distribution into the British and European markets. He is the Chairman of the U.K. Board of The Overseas Chinese Association United Kingdom Chapter (Registered since 2004), the Founder and Director of the Dr Sun Yi Xian’s Youth Foundation (UK) (Created from 2003) and [SINO-U.K School Football Project 中英校園足球項目] (


"I've always wanted to create a platform for others to meet and share the same passion I that have, namely football. To have the opportunity to do this and to be able to give back to the community is a fantastic position to be in and I hope we can spread our influence to as many communities as possible."


Ban has volunteered at various youth charities before joining the Chinese Community Challenge Cup in 2011, and became part of the management team soon after.