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Founder & Director of the frank soo foundation 發起人之一兼董事

Between 1980 and 1984, he was employed by Hong Kong's "Ta Kung Pao" as an office assistant handling correspondence. Starting in 1984, he ventured into the publishing industry and collaborated with the Guangzhou Trade Fair to publish the bi-monthly business magazine "China Import and Export Enterprises" in 1987. He dedicated himself to introducing China's product import and export situation to international trade enterprises and cooperating with relevant Chinese institutions. In 1989, he also published the bimonthly business magazine "China Procurements," which introduced advanced production technologies and equipment from leading nations to the Chinese market. This effort assisted both light and heavy industries in China to enhance production capacity and quality, contributing to product exports and trade earnings.

In 1988, he moved from Hong Kong to the United Kingdom. In 1993, he collaborated with Chinese media organizations to publish the English version of the "SINO-EUROPEAN BUSINESS REVIEW," a bi-monthly economic information magazine. This endeavor aimed to assist British and Western enterprises in advancing economic and cultural cooperation with China, pioneering new paths. It also aimed to promote the Chinese government's commitment to supporting Hong Kong in implementing the "One Country, Two Systems" policy for 50 years, ensuring its stability and openness. This initiative sparked a deeper and long-lasting interest among the younger generation in China's ongoing economic reforms, traditional social education, and global engagement. The magazine is dedicated to assisting various British and European business institutions, including government and non-government economic research organizations, renowned universities, international banks, and multinational corporations in their efforts to expand into the Far East's economic and market research sectors. These endeavours contribute to Western entrepreneurs in the UK and Europe fully utilizing and sharing the global benefits brought about by China's long-term open market policies.

Simultaneously, he established a textile factory in Guangdong Province, China, initiating the production of semi-finished goods. Additionally, he set up a finishing factory and distribution centre in the central region of the United Kingdom, enabling the sale of products to the British and European markets. In May 2005, he had the privilege of becoming the founding president of The Oversea Chinese Association United Kingdom Chapter. Prior to this, in 2003, he applied to the UK government for the registration of Dr. Sun Yi Xian‘s Youth Foundation, and in the same year, he creatively established the [The Sino-UK School Football Project 中英校園足球項目] and raised initial development funds, playing the dual role of initiator and general director for the project. He’s fortunate to have received support from relevant Chinese government authorities and the Guangdong Provincial Government. It was confirmed through news coverage by China National Radio - Xinhua News Agency on 17 December 2022, that I became the primary person in charge of establishing “The Sino-UK Football Education Park 中英足球教育園“ in Guangdong-Hong Kong-Marco Greater Bay Area.

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The Wanderer;

The Story of Frank Soo

“The Sino-UK Football Education Park” will be established in Guangdong.

Fortuitously, the [The Sino-U.K School Football Project] has been operating under the dedicated efforts of the Dr Sun Yi Xian’s Youth Foundation (UK) for near 20 years, and has also garnered recognition and support from institutions such as the Chinese Ministry of Education and Tongji University. Building upon this foundation, it has successfully provided training for over 300 students in the Greater China region, enabling them to gain a preliminary grasp of English football culture and teaching skills. In April 2017, in partnership with his friend and fellow football enthusiast, Mr. Alan Lau, he established The Frank Soo Foundation, using the name of a prominent Chinese football star who served English football clubs in the last century. This foundation aims to provide long-term support for and promote the interests of Chinese football enthusiasts residing in the UK and Europe, allowing them to accurately understand and appreciate the historical essence of English and European football cultures. Its objectives include fostering the deeper reform of football teaching culture in the Greater China region and ASEAN countries, achieving early results, and facilitating the harmonious development of football among Eastern and Western youth and professional football clubs. These endeavours are poised to benefit the overseas Chinese community in the Greater China region and ASEAN countries, promoting the sharing of the historical development experiences of global football power and football's soft power industry.

榮幸的是,[The SINO-U.K School Football Project 中英校園足球項目] 已經過 Dr Sun Yi Xian’s Youth Foundation 孫中山青少年基金會(UK)近20年的努力運營,獲得了中國教育部、同濟大學等相關政府主管足球文化中英交流的機構認同和支持。在此基礎上,成功地在大中華地區首次為海峽兩岸培訓了“中英校園足球項目—英格蘭足球教師教學課程”570多名授訓學員(基礎課程),使他們初步準確掌握了英格蘭足球文化教學的基本技能。在此於2017年4月,與喜愛足球文化的年青友人劉政寬先生(Mr. Alan Lau)共同達成為助力居住在英國為主和歐洲海外華人青少年發展和掌握現代足球文化精髓的規劃和願望,以應用上世紀為英國足球俱樂部效力的華裔足球巨星的名字,創立了名為 The Frank Soo Foundation。這個該基金會旨在長期支持和促進英國和歐洲的華裔足球愛好者必將有作為,將讓全體海外華裔準確了解和加入英格蘭和歐洲足球文化的歷史發展精髓,助力大中華地區和東盟各國足球教學文化的深化改革早日獲得新成果,致力促進東西方青少年足球文化和專業足球俱樂部具備互助的堅持長期融洽發展為目標,有利於大中華地區和東盟各國不同族群熱愛足球的海外華裔青少年共享世界足球強國文化以及足球軟實力產業的歷史發展經驗的願望。


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