After his playing career ended, Frank became a successful coach in Scandinavia, winning the Swedish League with Djurgårdens IF in 1954/55.

One of the Foundation’s aims is to support those who wish to develop their skills as a coach and in turn support their local communities. We also believe, in order for us to succeed in finding the next Frank Soo to play for England (or any other Home Countries side), we must develop grassroots football in the East Asian Community. 

To this end, we have partnered with Watford FC Community Sports and Education Trust to develop the Frank Soo Communities Coaching Program.

Our Aims:

  1. To develop individuals qualifying for a Football Association Level 1 Football coach 

  2. To embed qualified coaches to different parts of the Chinese and Asian Communities to raise the standard of the current talent and to encourage more grassroots football in the communities.

  3. To provide these qualified coaches with support in their communities and provide access to any opportunities to develop their talents.

Phase 1:

  • Set up an FA Level 1 course available for the individuals selected in the Frank Soo Communities Coaches Program.

  • Quarterly networking sessions with potential guest speakers to share best practices in football coaching and administration.

Phase 2:

  • TBC

Applicant Information:

Criteria: More information to come.

How long is the course?

The FA Level 1 Course will take approximately 2-3 days, which may be spread over several weekends. In addition to this, we would require applicants to attend the networking sessions, which we plan to run quarterly. Applicants will be required to lead in their communities and provide footballing activities such as running, training sessions, or organising matches for their teams/communities.

When will it take place?

Potential launch Spring 2021

How much will it cost?

We are looking to work with our sponsors and obtain grants from public bodies to help both subsidise the course for applicants and run the networking sessions.

If you are interested in being an applicant for the Frank Soo Communities Coaching Program, please fill in the form below.

Note that this is not the final application but for us to gain an idea of interest levels. More details will follow. Your details will be stored in our system and you can contact us at any time to delete it.


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