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The Frank Soo Foundation are proud to be able to announce the formation of our new youth fund, The Frank Soo Youth Development Fund.

The Frank Soo Foundation are committed to the health and development of our youths. Our aim is to one day have an Asian youth follow Frank’s footsteps and play for the England national football team. We believe that this starts by giving youths access to the right equipment, support and a platform to express themselves through sport.

We strongly believe that the Youth Fund will go a long way to doing just that. 

With the start-up of the youth fund, we are pleased to be able to announce that Wing Yip Supermarkets have generously donated £1000 to help us achieve our aims.

More details will be provided soon regarding how we will split the funds and our progress. However, in summary we will evenly split the money to our domestic partners, The London Chinese Community Centre, The Manchester Community Centre and the Birmingham Chinese Community Centre, and either start a youth sports program or help develop it further.

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